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Talent Concept


Juwang regards employees as the company's most valuable asset, is willing to attract outstanding and potential talents, and provides staff with the opportunity to develop individual talents. It is hoped that every employee will get a good development at Komaki, Door, is the kumamoto Wang, convey the essence of corporate culture.

Komagata's employment philosophy is:
Quality first, job matching, due diligence, teamwork.
Morality first:
To morality first, the ability to serve as the second standard of appointment, "there is virtue without virtue, its virtue available, virtuous, it should be reused, there is no virtue, it is difficult to use."
Job Matching:
Each post has its own professional requirements, suitable people on the right position is the talent, in order to give full play to his role.
Have a high sense of responsibility to the work, life - integrity; work - serious, dedicated, innovative, the pursuit of excellence.
A drop of water is small, merging into the sea will be magnificent; a soil is minor, the accumulation of mountains to towering wonders. Personal power is weak, but depending on a good team, he can succeed as his team grows.
Kuma king employment policy is:
"Keep people in business, keep people in environment, keep people in treatment and keep people in emotion"
We respect the cause to stay:
Committed to continue to expand the cause of kama Wang, to build a larger stage for the company's outstanding talent to provide more self-realization, to realize their own value opportunities, but also attract more talents to join;
We emphasize the environment to keep people:
By creating a corporate culture of "continuous improvement and never being satisfied," we will create a positive and up-to-date talent environment within the enterprise.
We claim treatment to keep:
Around the principle of "getting better and better benefits for employees while continuing to create profits for shareholders," we have set up a set of effective and highly motivated management mechanisms.
We attach importance to emotion:
Pay attention to individual talents at the same time, pay more attention to my colleagues in the family and team work together.
Rich corporate culture, competitive salary system, good development prospects, look forward to your joining!
Career Development
The sea can not choose trickle, it can become its deep, mountains unearthed fine soil, it can be high. To accomplish something, people must also pay attention to the accumulation of knowledge and experience. Without hard work to pay, how can I enjoy the success of sweet joy? Without diligent study hard, how can we get the heartfelt fruit?
No pain no gain. Join the ko-ko company, and successful personnel peers, you will reap a successful life! Companies to provide staff with excellent development platform, a larger space for development, so that employees can give full play to their potential and create work performance, so that every employee and business grow together.
Companies for employees to create a good working environment and healthy corporate culture so that every employee feel cohesion and sense of belonging.
Companies try their best to provide competitive remuneration levels and benefits, and strive to win the win-win benefits of both business and employees.
Hebei kumawang company, for a better future, I sincerely welcome you to join the excellent Division.

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